A Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Wedding: Virginia + Juan

May 2nd, 2015

This couple was referred to me by a college friend who rock-climbs with them (thank you, Deirdre!). Never having met Virginia or Juan, all of our correspondences were by email, but I could tell right away that they were a low-key, fun couple. My instincts were dead-on as I was introduced to them on their wedding day. Not only were they a handsome couple, but their main focus was for everyone to have a blast at their wedding, including their photographers! The day went by smoothly and there was so much love radiating from the couple, their family, and their friends. Everyone had such relaxed personalities and there didn’t seem to be one person in the room who wasn’t grinning from ear-to-ear. Although it is my job to watch my clients, it would be hard not to even if it wasn’t. Juan and Virginia never took eyes off of each other the whole day, and the smallest gestures, such as wiping a tear from Virginia’s cheek during the remembrance song for their fathers, or softly stroking Juan’s back when talking to their guests, seemed the most intimate. I love capturing those moments and these two gave me so many photo opportunities! Congratulations to these two beautiful people – may you be blessed with love, friendship, and a lifetime of beautiful years together.

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It was such a magical day, thanks to these amazing vendors:

Venue: Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Cinematography: Key in Films

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