Schoenfeld Holiday Session

December 2nd, 2013

So excited to be doing another family session with the Schoenfelds! This time it was a 2-for-1 … celebrating the holidays and their second pregnancy. Congratulations to this beautiful and happy family – I can’t wait to photograph the new addition!

SchoenfeldHoliday_0007 SchoenfeldHoliday_0021 SchoenfeldHoliday_0024 SchoenfeldHoliday_0029 SchoenfeldHoliday_0046 SchoenfeldHoliday_0062 SchoenfeldHoliday_0067 SchoenfeldHoliday_0086 SchoenfeldHoliday_0092 SchoenfeldHoliday_0098 SchoenfeldHoliday_0107 SchoenfeldHoliday_0133 SchoenfeldHoliday_0137 SchoenfeldHoliday_0155