An Old House Vineyards Wedding: Madi + Geoff

June 14th, 2014

Yellow was the wedding color, which was inspired by many weddings she found online. She loved how much the color popped and stood out against the outdoor settings. She chose the shade of yellow and allowed her bridesmaids to choose the style of dress, using the Dessy group to ensure that the shade would be consistent.
Madi is a romantic at heart and her dress was exactly that. With the sweetheart neckline, jeweled belt, and flowing skirt, she looked as though she were gliding through the vines to meet her future husband. Geoff attempted to keep a “hard” face but couldn’t help but shed a tear (or two!).
The best part was the lock ceremony. They were permitted to add a lock to the “love lock” bridge, similar to the Pont des Arts footbridge in Paris. Well, apparently Geoff’s motto is “go big or go home” because he showed up to the ceremony with a massive padlock with their names and wedding date inscribed. It brought a smile to the bride’s face as he pulled it out and a good laugh from the wedding guests.
Cocktail hour consisted of homemade corn hole boards (that were decorated for Flag Day, which fell on the same day as their wedding), bottles and bottles of wine (two of which were decked out with a mustache and pink lips), and hors d’oeuvres on flag toothpicks.
This couple thought of everything … they had even appointed two “ambassadors of fun” to keep the party going, as if the wine and homemade beer weren’t enough. These ladies were bridesmaids who dragged people onto the floor and made sure the DJ played appropriate songs for those dancing. They kept smiles on faces and people out of their seats.
It was a perfectly perfect wedding day and full of summer lovin’ in the vines.
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I feel like I have been fortunate to work with the best vendors!
Catering: Fotis
Wedding Dress: Rosa Clara Design
Wedding Dress Salon: White Swan