Cognetti Fall Session

September 20th, 2014

My second shoot with Andrea, John, and the Cognetti family was just as good as the first, only bigger!  Extended families are always fun to shoot because you get to compare the changes (both subtle and drastic) that occur between generations.  Everyone was in good spirits, the little ones were in a great mood, and the weather was unseasonably warm (which is never too bad!).  Speaking of little ones, some of the best pictures a photographer can take involve capturing children in action.  The older ones were interested in the newest members of the family, and the all of them wanted to move about and play.  As for the adults, they were all relaxed from the start, obviously comfortable and happy to be around each other. Andrea doesn’t have the opportunity to see her entire family that often, so a get-together such as creates a positive and happy atmosphere. This level of comfort really showed in their chemistry, and their photos.

CognettiFamily_0002 CognettiFamily_0046 CognettiFamily_0095 CognettiFamily_0145 CognettiFamily_0156 CognettiFamily_0179 CognettiFamily_0226 CognettiFamily_0239 CognettiFamily_0245 CognettiFamily_0266 CognettiFamily_0273 CognettiFamily_0303 CognettiFamily_0305 CognettiFamily_0317 CognettiFamily_0320 CognettiFamily_0328 CognettiFamily_0335 CognettiFamily_0401 CognettiFamily_0420