Meet Newborn Charlie

November 2nd, 2015

What an amazing feeling to know that when a family hears news that they’re expecting, that one of the first people they call is their photographer! But most importantly, congratulations to Erica and David on their firstborn! I had the pleasure of meeting this little man only two days after he was born and right off the bat, I could tell that this family was meant to be. I have never seen such natural nurturing and parental instinct. Being the first baby in this family, aside from their pets, the entire family was thrilled to have Charlie and was lovingly fighting over who got to hold him next. Moments like these make me love my job!Charlie_0018 Charlie_0024 Charlie_0038 Charlie_0051 Charlie_0056 Charlie_0073 Charlie_0077 Charlie_0087 Charlie_0100 Charlie_0146 Charlie_0180 Charlie_0196 Charlie_0208 Charlie_0216 Charlie_0236 Charlie_0240 Charlie_0249 Charlie_0276 Charlie_0289 Charlie_0301 Charlie_0308 Charlie_0311 Charlie_0312