The Salman Family

March 1st, 2015

A happy belated Mother’s Day to this special mother. Sierra and I met years ago when we worked together as hostess’ for a Great American Restaurant. We maintained a friendship throughout the years, even after we had both moved on, and when she expressed interest in booking a session with me as a gift for her mother, I was beyond thrilled! Not only do I adore Sierra and her husband, but their mother is the sweetest, most genuine person I know. We ran into a few obstacles in scheduling this session, causing us to schedule it almost a year after the gift certificate was provided to Ms. Salman, but the opportunity finally arrived! Despite the snow, we had gorgeous lighting and were able to capture their love and personalities, indoors and out!

Salman_0006 Salman_0028 Salman_0045 Salman_0110 Salman_0116 Salman_0171 Salman_0173 Salman_0192