Nothwehr Family at the Tidal Basin

March 27th, 2016

Exercising at the gym at the same time every day often means running into the same people and eventually forming relationships. That was the case for Maria and myself. After finding out I was a photographer, she would often complain about how she didn’t have any recent family photos, especially since her two grandchildren were born. We would discuss possibly having me photograph them if and when the family was all together in one place. The perfect opportunity arose when she realized they were all going to an Easter church service! Luckily I was available that morning, and we were able to squeeze in this adorable session at the tidal basin during the Cherry Blossom peak season! Everyone was super sweet and easy to work with! And we all got the chance to walk around the tidal basin and see the beautiful cherry blossoms. Thank you, Maria and your beautiful family, for choosing me to be your photographer and allowing me to give you the updated family portraits you have been wanting!