Why Should I Invest in a Wedding Planner?

“Why should I invest in a wedding planner?”

This is a question a lot of brides and grooms find themselves asking. Weddings are expensive, so why spend ‘unnecessary’ money on one person?

What could they possibly do that you can’t do?

Why are they so expensive?

Before I go through and answer these questions (with the help of my good friend, Amber, of Oh My! Occasions), I’ll let you in on a little secret:

I invested in a wedding planner for my own wedding in Virginia Beach three years ago.

It was no easy decision and there were a lot of sleepless nights, tossing and turning. Should we spend the additional money? Do we really need a planner? If we don’t have one, how will my DIY pieces be set up? Should I just ask my friends or some guests to help?

Why should I invest in a wedding planner?

Key lime cookies with a key lime glaze, baked by myself and my best friend, and decorated by my best friend (I was not talented or skilled enough to help with the decorating!) ©my iPhone (LOL)

Why should I invest in a wedding planner?

1. Special glassware: the flutes imported from Ireland where my family is originally from. The Bama wine glasses were a gift from a close friend and in honor of Carter’s alma mater. 2. Mirrored glasses filled with portraits of our pets, each holding up a different table number. 3. Just an overall shot of our simple, but complicated tables (the vases were to be filled with water, topped with a floating candle, and lit right after cocktail hour). ©Angie and Jenn Photography

Why should I invest in a wedding planner?

Cakes handcrafted by my uncle and aunt. When I was little, I used to always ask my uncle if he would make my wedding cake for me when I got married. He kept his promise and made us two of the most delicious cakes! ©Angie and Jenn Photography

Why should I invest in a wedding planner?

A little bungalow to hold our wedding cards, compliments of my father. We were heading to Mo’orea and Bora Bora for our honeymoon, hence the bungalow 🙂

Ultimately, my husband and I both agreed that it was the best route to take. A decision that I swear was the best decision we could have ever made. Our planner was amazing and well worth every penny (unfortunately, our planner decided to retire from her company and move on for personal reasons. For this, I am unable to credit her with her website information. Otherwise, I would be screaming her information at you!).

Why should I invest in a wedding planner?

©Angie and Jenn Photography

So …. back to “why should I invest in a wedding planner?”

Why should I invest in a wedding planner?

Amber of Oh My! Occasions put together this list below of the top three benefits of hiring a wedding coordinator.

The top three benefits of hiring a coordinator:

  1. KNOWLEDGE!!!!!! And experience. Just as you trust a mechanic to work on your car or a an accountant to do your taxes. We are professionals trained and experienced in our field. We’ve already learned from any hiccups and mistakes early on in our career. That knowledge will save you time, heartache, and money. Experience goes hand in hand with knowledge
  2. Time and money management. I’m not going to waste your time referring you to a photographer way outside your budget. I’m going to send you samples of linens when I can, in order to avoid a separate drive to the warehouse to pick out your choices.
  3. Having a trusted friend. As a planner, a huge benefit is having me available to you to answer logistic questions (i.e. how to address an invitation to a Dr. OR getting my opinion on bridesmaids dresses or wedding shoes). Yes, I’m being paid to do the grunt work behind the scenes but I love having a level of friendship with my clients. They can text me when they’re feeling stressed about something, like a never-ending guest count, or we can share a laugh over a wedding planning meme.

You’ll hear more from and about Amber in a future blog post, but this is just a little teaser for now. However, these three benefits are three that I agree with wholeheartedly. Ruth had all of these qualities and it’s because she had these qualities that she was so successful in executing our dream wedding.

Why did we invest in a wedding planner?

It was a stress reliever. Knowing that someone was going to be there specifically to pay attention to the details, big or small, was a huge burden lifted off our shoulders. Ruth, our planner, and her team designed everything to the T, exactly how I envisioned it.

Little did we know just how much Ruth and her team would end up doing. For one thing, she kept us, our photographers, and our DJ on schedule.

Secondly, when there was a drama (DJ drama), she was on top of it within seconds. I didn’t even have to look her way or call her over. Her and her team had their eyes on us at all times, saw that we were unhappy, and they dealt with the drama right there and then.

Lastly, our gifts and cards were safely stored away. I honestly don’t know when she had the time to do this or how she did it without us noticing, but everything was gone. All we knew was that our gifts were safe in my parents’ cars and on their way home.

These were just a few of the things that I noticed our planner had done for us. I’m sure there are many things that Ruth and her team did, kept track of, and coordinated that we still don’t know about to this day. What I do know is that they helped make our day go by smoothly, without any added stress on us. If you’re reading this, thank you, Ruth! We honestly don’t know what we would’ve done without you. You are an angel!

Wedding planners make all the difference before, during, and after a wedding day. Say goodbye to the stress, tedious work, your overflowing thoughts, and let them work their magic! Take it from me, a past bride and photographer who frequently works with planners, it is definitely worth the investment! You may not see everything that goes on behind the scenes, but they are working 100% for you!

Why should I invest in a wedding planner?