Avery’s 4th Birthday Party

Avery’s 4th Birthday Party

Avery and Modern Boca Mom sure know how to throw a birthday party! From the Event Yard Card announcement in the front yard to the ‘My Little Pony’ and ‘Trolls’ themed decor, this party was the place to be.

Avery's 4th Birthday PartyThe birthday girl happily watching “Trolls” with one of her guests, who had never seen the movie before. The movie continued to play in the background throughout the entirety of the party.

Avery's 4th Birthday Party

Branch from “Trolls” not looking too happy to be sharing the party with some ponies haha!Avery's 4th Birthday Party

The kids enjoyed releasing all their energy by jumping around in the Disney Princess moon bounce castle.

Avery's 4th Birthday Party

When the kids tired of the moon bounce, or became too hot (because, let’s face it, summer in Florida can be quite miserable), they headed over to the pool. Here, tons of fun pool floats were waiting to be used.

Avery's 4th Birthday PartyAvery's 4th Birthday PartyJust when the children didn’t think Avery’s 4th birthday party could get any better …

Avery's 4th Birthday PartyPoppy from “Trolls” showed up for a little dance party and to help them sing ‘happy birthday’ to Avery!Avery's 4th Birthday PartyAvery's 4th Birthday PartyAvery's 4th Birthday PartyEven the adults had a good time and couldn’t resist taking photos with Poppy!Avery's 4th Birthday Party

Avery’s 4th birthday party was a hit!

Avery's 4th birthday partyNow here are some familiar faces …

(Hint: they’ve been featured on my blog before!)Avery's 4th birthday partyI even had the pleasure of seeing Courtney from Organic Movements again! I haven’t seen her since we photographed her charity gala last year!

Avery's 4th birthday partyNo party is complete without a great group photo, documenting Avery and her special guests!Avery's 4th birthday partyAvery's 4th birthday party

Happy 4th birthday, Avery!

Avery's 4th birthday party