Groom Style and Accessories

Accessories and Jewelry Styling Tips for the Groom

By Emma Miller | Founder, Vow To Be Chic

If you really want to stand out from the wedding crowd, you are in the right place. And what better way to pimp your tux or three piece suit than with a range of carefully chosen groom style and accessories. 

Let’s face it…your bride is not the only one that deserves to sparkle. Now we ain’t talking about going all out Snoop Dogg style. Talking about pooches, look at adorning your neck with an attractive silver dog tag. Add your names, wedding date or quote and wear something special with pride. 

Yet, a few hand picked and subtle additions will no doubt elevate your appearance to greater heights. Another feature that will no doubt strike the right marriage chord are boutonnieres. But first, a little history. Derived from the French term for button hole, this lapel adornment came in at the beginning of the 19th century. 

During this period, gentlemen started to wear turnover coats that revealed the actual buttonhole. This reverted to weddings and special events as flowers were used as a deterrent for bad smells and to ward off spirits! Available in a range of blooms, styles and fabrics, there are lots of guides about how to choose wedding boutonnieres creating a genuine statement. 

Want to dazzle on and off the dance floor? Consult our list of groom accessories and styling tips to feel as fresh as a daisy. 

Tie Clip

What do they say…the tie maketh the man.

And in this particular case, it most certainly does. You cannot go wrong with a terrific tie clip that will showcase your shirt candy. For dapper men as well as distinguished gentlemen, choose from a number of tie pins, bars not to mention clips.

Offering functionality, these are ideal for a necktie and to make sure your tie doesn’t blow around in those all important photos. Tie in (pardon the pun) your wedding scheme or find a jewel encrusted tie clip or tie bar for that brilliant finish. 

Ultimately, a clip is having the opportunity to showcase your form and personality. There are tonnes of guides offering guidance on how to wear a tie clip ensuring you don’t get in a flap on your big day.

Collar Stays

Known as a collar stiff, tab or stiffener, no groom wants to have a floppy collar when making his way to the altar. 

Shoot for success and take care of wearing your shirt with great pride. Gone are the days of traditional stays and instead you can find a plethora of smart and sleek stiffeners that won’t end up in the trash. Plus you can share the love with your buddies and take advantage of collar stays serving as a personalized memento. 

But where to begin? There are numerous stainless steel collar stays adding effortless chic or  according to Groomsmen Gift Source you can create engraved collar stays offering a personal touch for you and your best men. Now that’s worth staying around for!

Stand upright like a proper man and benefit from the sensation of a crisp shirt from dawn till dusk.

Pocket Square


Another cool groom style and accessory that will show off a bit about you is a pocket square. 

Whether made from silk, cotton, wool or linen, there are a myriad of colors to choose from. Suitable for all manner of budgets, pop it in your suit lapel pocket and strut down the aisle with gusto. 

Be as flamboyant as Liberace and opt for a patterned pocket square that will make a talking point or select a more timeless square. On the other hand, if you want to make a distinction between your wedding party, why not look at a completely different shade or tone from your best men. It really is whatever floats your wedding boat.

There are numerous hints and tips when it comes to folding a pocket square so you can look the part when tying the knot. 

So don’t be a square and accentuate your wedding wardrobe with this cute number.



Time may be ticking down until your big bash. 

You may have completed all the finishing touches, found the florist and tasted the bubbly and haute cuisine menu options. However, you have always got time to transform into the next James Bond. 

And nothing says bling more than a stunning timepiece. Your wedding party will be green with envy thanks to your sophisticated arm candy. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of chrono, mechanical, Quartz or pilot watches. Whatever you end up wearing, rest assured that you’ll create the perfect focal point. 

Make a splash at your grandiose affair with a smart divers watch that will provide a focal point for your. Looking for inspiration? There are a wealth of articles offering insight on the best men’s wedding watches so you won’t be late when the time comes. 

Bracelet to show off your Groom Style


Those who wish to up the bling stakes even more can do it thanks to a super stylish bracelet. This is nothing off the cuff…who says they are just for the ladies. If you want to make as much of a stir as your future Mrs, this particular accessory is just the ticket. 

And with the choice as extensive as your DJ or wedding band’s playlist there are several choices. From leather bracelets and infinity bracelets to a bespoke bracelet, make an impression with your blushing bride and party till the small hours with confidence. 

Wear one to serve as a reminder of your big day while finishing off your suit or tux. With a range of materials, styles and colors, it’s really down to you to make the final fashion decision that fits your Groom style.

Better still, you can customize them according to your specific requirements such as the wedding date, your bride’s name and some unique words.


There are a plethora of ways to accessorize as the groom! So whatever your groom style is, make sure that it is an expression of who you are and one that makes you you!

Credit: Sweet Memories Photography