Austin Family Session: Gillis Family

Like any move, our move to Texas was chaotic. However, our realtor helped us make the transition more smooth, thank goodness! That’s when our friendship with Brandi, our realtor and lifesaver, blossomed. During the search for homes, she found out that I was a photographer. She mentioned that she was in need of an Austin family session since they have never had their family photos taken! So our planning began …


It’s all about location, location, location. This is important because I want to make sure we bring your vision to life. If you want urban, rustic/country, or traditional … we have to find the perfect spot to give you that look. What do you want to see displayed in your home?

Not to mention, I always recommend choosing a location that is a good representation of your personalities, and where you feel most comfortable. It could be a spot where you and your family often go, or somewhere you’ve always wanted to explore.

For Brandi and her family, they love to hike. River Place Nature Trail is one of the locations they love to walk as a family. And there we have it: Our location!

Austin Family Session

Brandi and I went back and forth quite a bit. She has one son who lives in North Carolina, while her other two live with her in Austin. As much as we wanted to include him, there were some difficulties in getting him here in time. But no worries! We are planning a family session part II in the near future.

And although her oldest son couldn’t make it, Brandi’s husband’s parents were in town so we were able to include them in some photos. What a great opportunity to include the parents/grandparents family session!

This Austin realtor's family was the cutest ... and they're definitely mommy's boys!
I love including grandparents in my family sessions!
This Austin family is just the cutest and their love for one another shines!
You can never have enough family photos in any Austin family session.
Isn't Brandi and her husband such an attractive couple?
I love Austin, Texas. It provides so many beautiful backdrops for any Austin family session.
Just some family fun!
Family photos are so important, especially because kids grow up so fast!
This realtor has some beautiful boys!! And so well-behaved.
You know I love walking shots for any Austin family session!
The boys had so much energy so I had them run back and forth to capture some of their personalities, and to get some of that energy out!
Such a beautiful family!
Nearing the end of our Austin family session and we couldn't have asked for better weather or scenery!
Have I mentioned that Brandi is an awesome realtor and has the most beautiful family?
And that's a wrap for this Austin family!

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I truly believe that updating your family photos is so important. Especially if you have kids because kids grow up so fast!!

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