Kelli and James’ Sekrit Theater Engagement Session

If this Sekrit Theater engagement session is any indication of how Kelli and James’ wedding day will be, I know it’ll be epic perfection! Not only was it a fun photoshoot, but their love for each other is so natural and radiates! But I got ahead of myself …

From the Beginning

During our initial phone consultation, I knew I had to work with this couple! I was in the car, on my way to Dallas when we spoke. They were in the car on their way to go hiking. If you know me, I’m an active person who loves to hike, kayak, and explore. So right off the bat, it was an instant connection!

After being referred to me by Eclipse Event Co. (thank you SO much, Amy!), they checked out my website. They had “looked at many different photographers, and felt an emotional connection” to my photos. They said, “We caught ourselves smiling and feeling emotions when looking through your portfolio. Some photographers know when to capture the moment, and you definitely do!” Can I just say, YESSSSSSSSSS!! This is what I aim to do: capture the authentic, real, and true emotions and personalities of people.

And now I get to document their love, emotions, and celebration in April 2022.

Kelli and James

I love getting to know my couples before their engagement session and wedding day. What I find out helps me to best represent who they are as individuals and as a couple.

What I found out is:

• That they make it a point to eat dinner together every night, and do Martini Fridays to celebrate their weekly accomplishments. **Btw, I love this!!!**

• They love their cat, Bijou, who follows James around and whom I hope to meet in the near future, as I’m a crazy cat lady!

• They love to hike and kayak, but also love lazy days on the couch with a good book or television show.

And that I cannot wait to get to know them better and hopefully tag along on some of their hiking or kayaking adventures! Not to mention, celebrate their wedding day with them!!!

Sekrit Theater Engagement Session

After finding out that this couple is energetic and adventurous, yet chill and easy-going, it made sense that they wanted a Sekrit Theater engagement session. This Austin venue is eclectic, charming, a hidden gem! There are a plethora of backdrops that are not only beautiful, but fun and different!

As we began walking around, we kept finding fun little spots for photo opps. Starting with the Greenhouse:

Walking into the Sekrit Theater is magical.
Being in the greenhouse makes you want to dance!
I love all the different angles you can utilize at the Sekrit Theater.
Kelli and James are a beautiful pair!
They wanted a lot of emotion to exude from their photos ...I think we got it!
Sneaking in a candid ring shot!
Could they love each other any more?! The answer is no ... their love is pure!
Cats living among the Sekrit theater grounds makes me and my couples super happy!
Did I mention there are a few cats living among the Sekrit Theater grounds? And they were so sweet and loving … so much so that Kelli and James couldn’t refuse giving some love!
The Sekrit theater is an eclectic and fun venue!
I can never resist a good walking shot!
James just can't take his eyes off of Kelli.
Okay, can this couple be any cuter?
Sekrit Theater in Austin, Texas is charming and perfect for any couple.
Having beautiful couples always helps in making the most beautiful images.
This floral wall is a hidden gem at the Sekrit Theater.
This floral wall was a hidden gem …
The couple did a few cute hip bumps, which got them to laugh with and at each other.
The greenhouse is pretty no matter where we shoot!
Another candid ring shot, because why not?!
The bus is definitely a unique and interest photo spot.
The Lounge Bus was fun and unique … and Kelli finally got to experience riding a school bus for the first time!
The random piano at the Sekrit Theater ... and no, it doesn't actually play haha!
The random piano that they couldn’t resist playing, although no sound came out!
I love how this couple was down for anything ... including James, who is pretty tall, to squeeze into it!
I love that Kelli and James were down for anything, including James fitting into a tiny little house!
The I love you to the moon and back graffiti
Is it Austin if you don’t have a mural?!

During their outfit change, I made sure to sneak in a ring shot:

James had this ring custom made for Kelli.
This beautiful ring was custom designed by James!
After an outfit change, we decided to go back to the greenhouse.
After their outfit change, we headed back to the Green House.
Since they're an active couple, I worked them out by having them run and do piggy back rides.
Because they’re an active couple, I definitely wanted to do some action shots, like running and piggyback rides!
Super cute shot of Kelli and James laughing.
Running through the greenhouse!
I couldn't resist this shot as the backdrop is gorgeous!
The Sekrit Theater is probably one of my favorite places to photograph.
I love how Kelli and James' personalities just shined!
That top left picture makes me laugh!
Bath tub time ...
That water appeared out of thin air! How magical!
Water just appeared out of thin air?! This place is magical! 😂
Have I mentioned that they are the cutest couple?!
Their love story will continue in April 2022!
The New Orleans porch was a cute spot to stop (and for them to throw rocks haha)
Newly engaged and planning their wedding ... but taking a break to have fun in the magic school bus!
Trusting Kelli behind the wheel has James a little worried haha
How James feels about Kelli being behind the wheel 🤣
Getting romantic on the bus...
Ring shot!
Kelli never had to ride the bus growing up so it was cool that she got to experience this!
A little PDA never hurt anyone.
This cool vintage Ford truck was the best way to end our session.
I love the vintage Ford truck!!!
It was a must-see for Kelli!
I love their casual wear and using the Ford truck as a prop.
Sekrit Theater Engagement Session | Austin Wedding Photographer
Last shot of the day!