Austin Photographer: Photographing the Paloian Family

Being an Austin photographer, I have the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest, most beautiful families. And the Paloian family was no exception!

Family and Photographer Expectations

As an Austin photographer, I never know exactly what to expect when it comes to children. Even if I’ve worked with the family before. I don’t think the family really knows either! So I prepare for anything! And I try to prepare the families, as well (see this blog post).

This being the first time I’ve met the Paloian family, and the first time baby Oakley being photographed, I figured it would be a challenging session.

But Courtney and husband, Michael, know that children are unpredictable. Are they going to have fun with the session? Throw a tantrum?

You never know what you’re going to get! So they came in with an open mind, lots of snacks, and support from their family.

Family Time

After arriving in a residential area in Austin, we started our session. Parker, their son, was definitely not a fan of smiling for the camera, or for this strange Austin photographer. But with the help of his favorite grandparents, aunt, and baby sister (not to mention lots of treats), we succeeded in capturing his personality and cutest expressions.

Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas

Baby Oakley was unsure of where to look! But that’s okay, because the top of her head and that bow is just darling!

This beautiful family chose a location in Texas close to their hearts and home.

It’s these in-between moments that I live for:

Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas

Grandma loving on her sweet granddaughter:

Grandma with her granddaughter.

Giving Oakley all of the love:

These Austin grandparents loving on the newest addition to their family.

Parker may pay no attention to me but his interactions with his baby sister are everything. All he wanted to do was love on her!

Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas

This is the perfect example of when you just go with the flow and have fun, you get some of the most beautiful photos. And none of the stress!

Just letting Parker be Parker and do his own thing!

Parker was not a fan of sitting still so  we allowed him to run around a little bit.
Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas
Parker having a good time being swung by his parents.
Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas
Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas
Grandma treating Parker to a few snacks.
Courtney and husband smiling for the camera with the cute pier in the background.

Three generations of ladies:

All of the Paloian ladies.
Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas
Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas
That golden light is everything!
This Austin family is so beautiful and just the most friendly!
Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas
Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas

Loving how much Oakley looks up to her big brother!

While being posed by their parents, Parker and Oakley shared a couple of bonding moments.

Who else just wants to grab those cheeks?! And look how her dimples come out when she smiles. I just can’t get enough!!

Little Oakley enjoying time with daddy.

As the session was coming to a close, I was able to sneak some photos of Parker, who was running around with snacks in one hand, and rocks in another.

Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas

Oakley was also just as thrilled that her time in the spotlight was over. Little did she know that I was photographing her from a distance, capturing her genuine smiles as she was being loved on by her parents.

Almost done with our session, the kids started to really let loose and have fun.

This is what family time looks like:

Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas

Sisters and best friends:

Sisterly love.

The proud parents of these two lovely ladies:

Individual shots between the two daughters and their parents.

Oakley loves her grandma!

Grandma loves holding and kissing on baby Oakley.

Okay, and if the below series doesn’t make you smile, I just don’t know what will!

Baby giggles are the best kind of giggles!
Austin Photographer | Austin, Texas

I had so much fun working with this adorable family ! Until next time …