Cognetti Family Session

April 20th, 2014

This family got my contact information from a family I often shoot for and I couldn’t have been more happy to be introduced to this lovely family. Their littlest one had just been born and they wanted updated photos of their family, with the new addition. Like most newborns, this one was feisty, as well as his brother who wanted fruit snacks more than to be in front of the camera. Regardless of this challenge, we were able to capture some sweet moments between the brothers, and some great interaction with the parents.

Cognetti_0003 Cognetti_0047 Cognetti_0096 Cognetti_0106 Cognetti_0117 Cognetti_0126 Cognetti_0137 Cognetti_0140 Cognetti_0153 Cognetti_0159 Cognetti_0167 Cognetti_0194 Cognetti_0202 Cognetti_0245 Cognetti_0276 Cognetti_0292 Cognetti_0315 Cognetti_0320 Cognetti_0339 Cognetti_0357 Cognetti_0383 Cognetti_0407