Announcing the Janssen’s Future Baby!

April 20th, 2014

Shhhhh! It’s a surprise! But the Janssen’s are announcing their first baby!!! Congratulations to this happy and beautiful couple on their first pregnancy! I am so blessed to have been asked to be their photographer for this amazingly adorable session, as well as to document the other firsts: maternity/baby belly session and their newborn session. I can’t wait to share all of those sessions on this blog, but in the mean time, enjoy the photos from their announcement session, incorporating personal touches (if you can’t tell, Sherrie is a huge runner, Ryan loves tennis, and the beautiful westie, Kyle, is their first addition to their family). Congratulations again, you two!

BabyAnnouncement_0004 BabyAnnouncement_0016 BabyAnnouncement_0026 BabyAnnouncement_0032 BabyAnnouncement_0033 BabyAnnouncement_0035 BabyAnnouncement_0056 BabyAnnouncement_0079 BabyAnnouncement_0087 BabyAnnouncement_0105 BabyAnnouncement_0106 BabyAnnouncement_0112 BabyAnnouncement_0124 BabyAnnouncement_0145