A Schoenfeld Fall Session

November 23rd, 2014

I am so blessed to not only have this family as wonderful clients, but even more blessed to call them friends. Having the opportunity to watch Gabi and Tyler grow into such well-behaved and sweet kids is such an honor and hanging out with the parents are definitely a perk! However, I’m getting a little off-topic here! This session was all about an updated family photo, one they haven’t had since Tyler was still in the belly. So being able to capture his personality on camera and how he responds to his big sister was a joy! It was a fun session filled with fall foliage, leaf-throwing, and laughter!

Schoenfeld_0017 Schoenfeld_0020 Schoenfeld_0028 Schoenfeld_0036 Schoenfeld_0046 Schoenfeld_0089 Schoenfeld_0096 Schoenfeld_0110 Schoenfeld_0119 Schoenfeld_0139 Schoenfeld_0142 Schoenfeld_0168 Schoenfeld_0172 Schoenfeld_0219