Baby Emmett

December 5th, 2014

The time has come! We’ve become so emotionally invested in this family … from being one of the first people to know about the pregnancy so we could shoot their save-the-date photographs to photographing the baby belly three months prior to the delivery date to now! The time has come to introduce baby Emmett!!! And he was well worth the wait!

Emmett_0030 Emmett_0053 Emmett_0096 Emmett_0118 Emmett_0143 Emmett_0163 Emmett_0189 Emmett_0210 Emmett_0229

And although we are not Cowboy fans ourselves, we couldn’t resist putting up the cute photos below, as Ryan is a huge Cowboy fan and from Texas so we know it means a lot to him and his family to have this prop in the photos with Emmett.

Emmett_0238 Emmett_0241