The Collins Family at Chrysalis Winery

December 7th, 2014

Thanks to a referral, I had the chance to meet and work with this attractive family at the beautiful Chrysalis vineyard in Middleburg, Virginia. We lucked out with a sunny and a decently warm day, amidst all the constant rain we have been receiving throughout the week. This family was so much fun to shoot and were super prepared for a session with their daughter, allowing her to wear her pink tutu and holding her lollipop for ransom.

Sweet Lilah had one thing in mind … her lollipop! During the entire session, she constantly asked, “can I have my lollipop now?” and when she was told “no,” she’d give a 2 second smile, and ask again.
When Lilah was finally given it at the end of the session as her reward, she replied, “No, I want to save it for after brunch,” gave big smiles, and started dancing around.
Had we only known that was her plan all along …. ;-D

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