Cognetti Family Session at Kinder Farm

April 4th, 2015

The amazing Cognettis are at it again with their cute selves! I cannot get enough of this family, with their picture perfect smiles and contagious laughter! I’m so excited to be a part of this family’s life. It’s wonderful working with such friendly and warm people, and I love getting the opportunity to see how much and how quickly the two boys grow. Jackson, who has always rejected me and my camera, seems to have warmed up to me, wanting to show me the little piglets and goats, and all that Kinder Farm Park offers. However, he still tries to avoid the me who is behind the camera 😉 Billy, on the other hand, is not phased by the camera and could care less either way. Both boys are the most handsome little men and when the moment is right, can be the most photogenic models … taking after their attractive parents.

CognettiFamily_0018 CognettiFamily_0027 CognettiFamily_0041 CognettiFamily_0045 CognettiFamily_0057 CognettiFamily_0062 CognettiFamily_0071 CognettiFamily_0091 CognettiFamily_0106 CognettiFamily_0117 CognettiFamily_0132 CognettiFamily_0172 CognettiFamily_0181 CognettiFamily_0191 CognettiFamily_0210 CognettiFamily_0227