Extreme Fun and Fit Bootcamp with Mac Cassity

April 4th, 2015

Almost four years ago, I purchased a Groupon for an up-and-coming fitness bootcamp. These sessions took place in a hotel in Maryland, using one of their ballrooms and outdoor sites. Immediately, I fell in love. Everyone there was dedicated to working on their own weaknesses and trying to get stronger, and there was so much support for one another. It also gave me motivation to wake up early and get my day started, in addition to getting fit for my upcoming Tough Mudder.

Since then, Mac Cassity, the owner of Extreme Fun and Fit Bootcamp, has expanded his business in locations, events, and time slots. If you live locally, check him out! He’s tough but he gets the job done!

Here are some photographs of his new space, and some sneak peeks of some of his routines:

Bootcamp_0234 Bootcamp_0238 Bootcamp_0244Bootcamp_0001 Bootcamp_0033 Bootcamp_0055 Bootcamp_0075 Bootcamp_0092 Bootcamp_0109 Bootcamp_0122 Bootcamp_0134 Bootcamp_0178 Bootcamp_0183 Bootcamp_0194Bootcamp_0068