A Boudoir Session: The Lovely Trio

August 2nd, 2015

From the moment I walked into the hotel room, I knew this was going to be a fun session. These beautiful ladies were in good spirits … drinking wine, telling stories, laughing, applying each other’s makeup, and making plans for the near future. These three have been friends for MANY years, and even their significant others have become best friends. I enjoyed hearing their stories of how they met, the adventures they go on, and their bond with each other and each other’s significant others. But it wasn’t long before we had to go on our little adventure, consisting of lingerie, pearl necklaces, knee-highs, and heels! 😉

These ladies used this opportunity to do something new, to celebrate their joint birthdays, to feel sexy, to celebrate their youth and beauty, and to just let go and have fun! And that’s exactly what they did! It was a pleasure working with the trio and I loved capturing their confidence and beauty, both inner and outer.

Ashley_0001 Ashley_0010 Ashley_0022 Ashley_0024  Ashley_0049 Ashley_0059

“I want to capture that light that shines through her and her beauty that radiates through her as a beautiful and elegant woman. Graceful. Beautiful. Elegant. Romantic. Loveable. Adorable. Gorgeous. I want to capture her heart, her love, and her soul.”

Sarah_0004 Sarah_0013 Sarah_0054 Sarah_0065 Sarah_0115 Sarah_0120

“I felt that I now possess a maturity and self-awareness that is a different kind of sexy, and was, after all, the very reason for doing a boudoir shoot in the first place.” – Erica Jagger

Shannon_0011 Shannon_0019 Shannon_0027 Shannon_0034 Shannon_0037 Shannon_0051

“True beauty is timeless.” – Marilyn Monroe