A Great Falls Park Engagement Session: Heather + Barak

August 13th, 2015

Today was the day we chased the sunrise for a spectacular engagement session at Great Falls with Heather and Barak. With only a week to go before their wedding day, this couple took the opportunity to book an engagement session with me. Not only is it beneficial in that they have photographs they can now use as little details for their wedding, such as their guest book, or to add to their wedding website, but it allowed them to work with me and get comfortable with me as their photographer. They got to see how I work, and also got to know me. Weddings are so intimate and with me by their side for the entire day, it is as though I’m just another one of their guests celebrating their love and commitment. So with this session, Heather and Barak got a glimpse of my photography techniques and personality prior to their big day. I always love to offer engagement sessions to all of my clients for this reason!

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