Edelen Family at Quattro Goombas Winery

August 25th, 2015

Now here is one photogenic baby! Beckett was all smiles from start to finish during our entire session, despite the constant walking around, being passed from mom to dad and dad to mom, and having to cheese whenever the strange lady (that’s me!) put the camera to her face. What I also loved so much about this session is that the location itself is a personal one. Quattro Goombas winery, underneath the tree where the first image below takes place, is the spot in which Brad proposed to his beautiful girlfriend at the time. Now married with a new addition, Brad and Jaymi are introducing little Beckett to their intimate spot.

Edelen_0001 Edelen_0008 Edelen_0027 Edelen_0037 Edelen_0043 Edelen_0054 Edelen_0082 Edelen_0117 Edelen_0142 Edelen_0153 Edelen_0205 Edelen_0224 Edelen_0242