A Harbour View Wedding: Heather + Barak

A Harbour View Wedding: Heather + Barak

A Harbour View Wedding: Heather + Barak

August 23rd, 2015

Heather and Barak have been in the same circles since college years, but it took a while before they were formally introduced. They have since then become inseparable and enamoured with each other. Now they have both graduated from George Mason University and have taken the next big step in getting married, and I am so honored to have been the one to capture their wedding day at Harbour View. It was such a fun wedding, with lots of love, kisses, and partying! Congratulations to Heather and Barak on tying the knot, and best wishes to my fellow “Minion” lovers!

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The amazing team who helped put this gorgeous wedding together:

Venue: Harbour View

Catering Company: Signature Caterers

Floral Company: Twinbrook Flowers

Officiant: Rabbi Sholom Deitsch