Dripping Springs Family Session

What’s better than this Dripping Springs family session? Oh, I don’t know! Maybe spending time with the coolest family in Texas!

Meet Molly

Molly is the founder, owner, and artist of Molly Makeup and Hair. I first met her when she styled my hair for my very first Texas photoshoot. We connected immediately! I absolutely love her laid-back personality and how welcoming and warm she is. Let’s not to mention how talented she is as both a hairstylist and makeup artist!

Dripping Springs Family Session

After working with Molly, we continued to keep in touch. We were even lucky to have the opportunity to work together on a styled shoot together (click here to see more of that) when she made a comment about scheduling her Dripping Springs family session with me.

She shared pictures of her kids with me and can I just say, she has one beautiful family! So of course I couldn’t wait to meet them!

It’s Go Time

When they first arrived onsite, I was already immediately taken with Molly’s children. Of course, being the kids of a makeup and hair artist, their styles were on point!

But that’s not what got me: it was how calm and polite they are. Most of the time, family sessions tend to be chaotic. This is understandable as parents are trying to get ready, kids have a tendency to not focus, and usually at least one person is ‘hangry’ haha! I expect this. What I didn’t expect was how chill everyone was!

Not only that, but they quickly warmed up to me and were ready and willing to have their pictures taken. Any of you who have children and tried to have your photos taken know this is not usually the case! 😂

So we walked over to the site Molly had picked out for us and had a great time!

Molly's whole world are her two kids. She really thrives on being a mother!
These two really are mommy's little kids. They really look up to her!
I love how much Phoenix and Skylar get along. Hopefully it stays that way throughout their lives!
They really are as close as the pictures make them seem. Two siblings who are joined at the hip!
This Dripping Springs location was beautiful! With all the natural light and really cool architecture...
The little models that these two are!
Molly could not get enough of these photos of her children!
Aren't they just the sweetest?
A little model pose for Skylar!
Phoenix was not a fan of taking photos by himself but we walked him through it and got some adorable shots!
How cool is this spot in Dripping Springs??
Molly and her children are absolutely beautiful, as well as sweet and kind souls!
Texas does not lack in greenery!
These shots crack me up because all Skylar was worried about was messing up her hair!
A true momma's boy!
The love and bond that Skylar and her little brother share is everything!
It’s so sweet how much Phoenix looks up to his big sister!
That view behind this little family is amazing. This is why Dripping Springs is the place to be!
Nearing the end of our session when Phoenix was counting down how many more shots I was going to take haha!
Lucky for me, a lizard had entertained the kids to make them last just a few seconds longer.

Phoenix, her son, ran out of steam pretty quickly but with count-downs and a little bit of bribery, we got it done!

Picking flowers for his mom while she tied his shoes.
Picking flowers for his mom while she tied his shoes.

As a reward, we promised Skylar and Phoenix that they could have some free time on the playground. I always recommend allowing children to be children towards the end of our sessions. This allows me to capture their true personalities and them in their elements.

I truly believe in letting kids be kids so we had a lot of fun in the playground.
Phoenix learned how to swing this day, with a little bit of coaching from me!
Phoenix didn’t know how to swing. After a few instructions, he picked it up real quick!
Having a great time together, playing on the playground.
We ended our session with the sandbox, where they built castles.

And so our session ended with the biggest smiles! Also with the promise of ice cream from their favorite place. I’d say it was a very successful Dripping Springs family session!