McKinney Falls Engagement Session with Tre’Mesia and Fred

For a couple who consider themselves ‘indoorsy,’ I was a bit surprised that Tre’Mesia and Fred wanted a McKinney Falls engagement session! But, like most, when they saw photos of this park, they fell instantly in love. Thank goodness they did, because their session is to die for!

He Asked, She Said Yes!

“Each time we hit a new milestone, we visit this restaurant. On the way to the restaurant, Fred played A LOT of 90’s R&B love songs. I didn’t catch on at the time. He stopped at Nordstrom to get a jacket because he ‘needed a nice jacket.’

At the restaurant, we were seated quickly. Fred asked if I wanted to take photos because the place has a beautiful body of water behind it. I needed to use the restroom and as I got up, Fred asked the waitress if she would take a photo of us. At this point, she was in on it.

Eating our food, the waitress came around and asked us if we were ready to take some photos. Getting into our photo ready stance, the waitress starts counting to three. By the time she got to three, no flash had gone off. I felt Fred leaning down, but still holding onto me. Laughing, I ask him, ‘what are you doing?!’ I’m thinking he’s tying his shoe when all of a sudden, I see a shiny, red box in his hand that came out of the jacket he just bought. In it was this beautiful rose gold diamond ring! He says my full name and asks if I will marry him!

The entire time, the waitress who was supposedly taking a photo, had been recording it so we still have the video!”

McKinney Falls Engagement Session

Prior to any engagement session, I like to find out more about my couples and what they envision. One thing they both mentioned was that they love fun, laughing, flirty photos but also deep, soulful, romantic ones. They feel that they embody all of these in their relationship.

During their entire McKinney Falls engagement, we had so much fun walking around and just laughing.

This beautiful engagement ring was picked out by Fred himself.
They wanted to reflect who they really are in order for me to best tell their unique love story.
The McKinney Falls Engagement session was everything: romantic and sweet, fun and unique!
Golden hour is my favorite hour! Just look at this romantic light!
Show off that ring, girl!
Aren't Fred and Tre'Mesia gorgoues?!
I love that these two just love to have fun and enjoy each other!
McKinney Falls state park is stunning with so many beautiful, natural backdrops.
I cannot wait for their wedding day in Georgetown.
These two were down for anything... including piggyback rides!
I say 'bring him in for a kiss' and I get great results!
Laughter is the key to love and happiness!
I believe this McKinney Falls state park engagement session is a success!
There's nothing more romantic than a sunset!
Another great spot at McKinney Falls state park!
A change of clothing for a bit more fun!
Little did they know we might be getting a little wet!
A little water never hurt anybody!!!
Fred and Tre had a blast splashing each other!
McKinney Falls is one of my favorite engagement session spots in Austin, Texas.

Tre’Mesia and Fred say that “there is joy sparking all around us and we can’t imagine life without each other.” Just an hour with these two, and I can honestly say that this statement is 100% true. You feel nothing but joy and love radiating from them. You feel joy just being around them. And I am so excited to be a part of their joy and celebrations not only with their engagement, but their wedding in five months, as well!!!