Malorie and Evan’s Micro Spicewood Wedding

These “outdoorsy homebodies” have been together since high school French class. Fourteen years later, they’re finally ready to say “I do” at their micro Spicewood wedding.

Malorie and Evan

When asked how they would describe their relationship, their response was:

“Silly. We make terrible jokes and awful puns. We have the kind of relationship that can survive a two-person kayak.”

These two love going on adventures together. When at home, they cook together, watch tv, and play video games. Outside of the home, they love seeing and trying new stuff.

Although their relationship has been mostly long distance since high school, they stayed connected. The distance has allowed them to grow together independently but also strengthened their relationship as a couple. Relying on being open and honest with each other is how they continue to build and grow together.

Unconventional but So Sweet

I love a good proposal story. And I love when it’s unique and personal to the couple!

Picture Malorie sitting on the couch. Evan is watching YouTube. She pops out a ring, slides it onto Evan’s finger, and says, “oh, it fits.” And so they became engaged.

A little later, Evan proposed to Malorie. His proposal was “a little drunk and super casual in front of our friends in the middle of a card game.”

In the end, they proposed to each other in their own perfect way.

Fast Forward

As mentioned above, fourteen years ago, these two started dating. So this wedding has been a long time coming. But Covid-19. And the conversation of a destination wedding versus a Spicewood wedding. Eventually Texas wins and they put their plans into motion.

Deciding on an airbnb in Spicewood so that their closest fifteen family and friends could all visit and/or stay for the wedding was their first action. The location was perfect! Located on the Pedernales River and across the street from Blissful Hill, they had all the views. Not to mention that they were able to have their ceremony at Blissful Hill before heading over to enjoy some vegan food at their airbnb.

Spicewood Wedding

Even though it was a hot July day, it was beautiful and perfect for Malorie and Evan’s wedding! Blue skies, fluffy clouds, a slight breeze, greenery all around … we couldn’t have asked for anything more on a summer Texas day!

Like their proposal, their day was anything but traditional. The two of them got ready together, helping one another put on their wedding attire, with their dog, Eliza, by their side. Family and friends were running around the airbnb, loading alcohol, cake, and goodies into the home to prepare for the reception. Evan’s brother and mother were building and putting together the ceremony decoration. It was literally a family and friends affair, and it was perfect!

A cute spot for a wedding!
Closest family and friends were invited to this micro Spicewood wedding.
Floral arrangements for the Spicewood wedding ceremony.
The rings. Spicewood Wedding | Texas Photographer
Getting ready for their Spicewood wedding.
The airbnb was the perfect space for the ladies to get ready.

Spicewood Wedding | Texas Photographer
Spicewood wedding | Texas photographer
Having an intimate moment together and saying a few loving words before heading down to say "I do."
Eliza and her mommy having a moment.

Spicewood Wedding | Texas Photographer
Handing out handmade gift bags to their guests.
The groom's sister did his hair while the dad prepared the ribbon for the handfasting ceremony.
Wedding details.

Spicewood Wedding | Texas Photographer
Putting on the finishing touches to her wedding attire.

As one, big group, they all walked down to the ceremony site at Blissful Hill for the Gaelic ceremony, where they exchange traditional Gaelic vows, Evan’s father performed the handfasting ceremony, and Evan and Malorie were married!

Heading down to Blissful Hill for the ceremony.
Reading their traditional Gaelic vows.
Wedding ceremony in Spicewood, Texas.
Exchanging of the rings.
A quick kiss before the handfasting ceremony.
Evan's father performed the handfasting ceremony.
It's a forever kind of love.
Spicewood wedding | Texas photographer
Handfasting ceremony with the tying of the ribbons.
And they're officially married!
Family pictures before the reception.
We can't forget Eliza!
The forever kind of love.
I love having time to spend with just the couple and capturing their love.
Blissful Hill has a lot of beautiful backdrops.
How cute is this sign at Blissful Hill.
A little swing action on the wedding day adds a touch of fun!
Such a beautiful couple!
Another cute spot at Blissful Hill.
We couldn't resist posing with the cute car outside of the Spicewood wedding venue.
Pure love between this married pair.
Last photos before they got to cool off in their airbnb.
Vegan cheese platter by Vegg Catering.
All vegan platters by Vegg Catering were served throughout the reception.
The family relaxing and enjoying their time together.
Time to cool off on this hot summer day in Texas.
A moment before Evan took a quick power nap!
Baby was pooped after the hot ceremony and wearing her traditional Gaelic outfit.
Homemade wine by the bride herself.
Homemade wine by the bride herself!
Yummy wedding cake and cupcakes by Lovejoy bakery.
Vegan cake by the talented Lovejoy Bakery. It tasted YUMMY!
Malorie and her dog cutting the cake while Evan is taking a power nap.
Evan took a quick power nap, so Eliza and Malorie cut the cake. It takes “I loved her first” to a whole new level! And I’m here for it!
Eliza, the dog, had a cute outfit change from her flower girl outfit to a scarf!
Even Eliza had an outfit change!
Opening up their wedding gifts together.

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Blissful Hill ♥ Wedding Reception Venue: Barnyard Farmhouse – airbnb ♥ Photographer: Sweet Memories Photography ♥ Cake: Lovejoy Bakery ♥ Catering: Vegg Catering