Austin Family Photos with the Price Family

After moving to Texas three months ago, the Price family felt it was time to do their Austin family photos. This is not only because they want to document their new beginnings in a new city. It’s also because they haven’t updated their family photos since their second-born. And now, they’re expecting a fourth addition to their growing family!

Big Changes

I personally am a true believer in working to live. Not living to work. The Price family believes the same.

Mr. Price had a great job in California but his schedule didn’t allow for family time. An opportunity arose in Austin that would allow him to not only have a good job, but also allow him to spend quality time with his family. It wasn’t a hard decision for them to make as a family!

Austin Family Photos

As I mentioned before, the Price family just relocated to Austin in April. So these Austin family photos are necessary for many reasons:

  1. To document their lives in their new city.
  2. To update family pictures that they haven’t done in two years!
  3. Going hand-in-hand with number two: they’re expecting baby number four and need to capture memories of the children at their current ages, including their first son still growing in the belly!
Austin family photos at Brushy Creek Lake park in Cedar Park.
These girls were so much fun to photograph.
Headshots of the girls were specifically requested.
Although the family wanted family photos, their main priority was capturing the girls in their element.

Like most families, the Price family wanted the traditional Austin family photos of everyone looking at the camera. However, their main priority was capturing their personalities and the girls being who they are in this stage of their lives. I absolutely love this approach, being more of a photojournalist.

My passion has always been capturing moments as they happen, portraying the subjects as they are, and allowing their personalities to shine through the pictures. A ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ and the girls did an amazing job telling their stories and who they are.

D was so photogenic!
Austin family photos at Brushy Creek Lake park.
Playing hide and seek in the fields.
All the girls wanted to do was wander through the fields of Brushy Lake Creek Park.
Always bring a blanket to your session ... it makes for cute photos!
Such a cute family!
Those in-between shots are everything!
I always encourage bringing bubbles to family sessions!
One of my favorite shots!
Brenna was very intent and concentrating hard on creating bubbles.
Bubbles are fun for all ages!
Aurora loved her bubble time.
Austin family photos at Brushy Lake Creek Park.
I love playing with different styles.
The three girls didn't want to touch at all ... so we worked with what we had and got this cute shot.
I love this family!
I love capturing candid moments.
Brushy Creek Lake Park not only has a beautiful creek, lots of fields, but also this cool playground that's a huge hit with kids.
The girls had a blast running around the playground.
D was quite the monkey!
Play time with dad.
Brenna decided it was her turn to slide with dad.