Chapel Dulcinea Elopement: Amber and Wade

With just their closest family and friends, Amber and Wade celebrated their love by saying “I do” at their Chapel Dulcinea elopement.

Amber and Wade’s Love Story

Having met online, these two are passionately in love. Their “chemistry is unparalleled with anything we have experienced before.”

Amber says, “He treats me like a princess, opening every door, asking after my every need, and making me feel treasured every day.”

Wade says, “She treats me like a king, and gives me comfort every minute of every day. She showers me with affection and I feel so deeply connected to her.”

They are always on the same page and finish each other’s sentences, anticipating what the other is thinking. It is the kind of love that they could only dream of, and it’s the kind of love that they found in each other.

When it came to proposing, Wade asked Amber’s children for permission and then proposed in front of the fireplace in the house that would become their home.


Because this is a second marriage for both Amber and Wade, they wanted an intimate wedding. One that celebrates finding true love and their forever partner.

“Being older and reflecting on marriages that didn’t work, we both have done the hard work of self-improvement to be our best selves and better partners than we were before.”

In attendance to their intimate wedding were their children, immediate family, and closest friends. A total of 19 people. And the most fun group!

Forever Vows

The day finally arrived. It also just so happened to be the windiest day in Austin, with over 40 mph winds and a cold front coming through. But that wasn’t going to stop these soulmates from saying their vows and being married.

Luckily, Chapel Dulcinea, although placed on top of a hill, has walls to help break the wind and cold. With cardigans, jackets, and red noses, we all got to witness Wade and Amber pledge their love and lives to one another. It was a beautiful day!

Getting ready before the wedding ceremony
The bride about to walk down the aisle on her elopement day.
All of the couples' kids walked down the wedding aisle as flower girls
The groom awaiting his bride at the end of the aisle
The bride and her dad
Meeting her groom at the ceremony site
Outdoor wedding ceremony venue in Austin, Texas
Chapel Dulcinea elopement in Austin, Texas
Saying their vows
The bride shedding a happy tear during their wedding vows
Exchanging their wedding rings
Placing the ring upon her husband's finger
Their first kiss as husband and wife
They did it! They're officially married!
Down the aisle they go
Happily married!
Hugs for all after they said "I do"

After the bride and groom walked down the aisle, all of the guests were given rose petals to throw as they exited Chapel Dulcinea. I love this! It made for the most amazing photo opportunity; plus, it was interactive and made the end of the ceremony even more fun!

All of the guests walked the recessional and threw rose petals

Time to ring the bell and let the world know that Amber and Wade are married!!!!

Ringing the bell at Chapel Dulcinea
Family photos
The bride with her sisters and the couple with their children.
The groom with his best man
Bride and groom portraits
Chapel Dulcinea in Austin, Texas
Chapel Dulcinea overlooking hill country in Austin, TX
Sweet moments between the bride and groom
Pure love at its finest

We ended our time at Chapel Dulcinea and as we were walking to our next destination, the couple was greeted with cheers:

The bride and groom are greeted by all of their guests

The couple took a break from photos to tend to their children. After wrapping them up in blankets and serving them hot chocolate, we took some family photos …

The bride and her youngest daughter.

And candid shots as the family brought out their cell phone for selfies:

The sisters taking a selfie.

Amber and Wade’s family and friends left to go back to where they were staying, to get warm and wait for the couple to meet up with them to celebrate the rest of the evening.

Meanwhile, we took advantage of the beautiful lighting and scenery:

More bride and groom portraits
Chapel Dulcinea elopement | Austin wedding photographer
That sun made for such beautiful lighting!
We were loving the lighting and the bells at Chapel Dulcinea.
Bride and groom photos
After many years and failed relationships, these two found each other.
The happy couple on their wedding day
Chapel Dulcinea in Austin, TX

It was such a pleasure being a part of this couple’s love story. To Amber and Wade: Congratulations on finding your person and wishing you the most amazing life together!