Woodbine Mansion Bridal Portraits: Kirsten

Could these Woodbine Mansion bridal portraits be any more dreamy? Kirsten is absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and the venue was the most perfect choice to use!

Bridal Portraits

Bridal portraits are making a comeback! I remember, back in the day, brides would take photos in their wedding gown in a studio, with just a plain black or white backdrop.

Since moving to Austin, I’ve seen them come back in full force and I am so here for it! Especially because we’ve modernized the sessions. Brides are using their wedding venues or a venue they’ve been dreaming of as their bridal portrait locations, instead of the traditional studio look.

Why are they popular? Well, for many reasons:

  1. To make the most of your wedding gown and have an excuse to wear it more than once. We spend a lot of time finding the dress and then we spend a lot of money on it!
  2. In most cases (not in this one, which I’ll explain later), “they’re a dry-run for the big day … a reassuring run-through.” Brides often use this session to make sure their dress is exactly how they want it, and that their wedding day (trial) makeup and hair is on point.
  3. The wedding day itself can be stressful and chaotic. We normally spend a bit of time before the first look or ceremony for bridal portraits. But sometimes the bride can be stressed or running behind, and we have to rush through the bridal pictures. Because of this, we may not get all the poses, backdrops, and/or pictures in general that we would ideally love. Having your session prior, or even after the wedding day, can take that stress and anxiety away!

Woodbine Mansion Bridal Portraits

Kirsten’s bridal session took place post-wedding day. Married in July of 2021 at Springdale Station, she recalls the day being a whirlwind of amazing moments and events. And, although they took a ton of pictures as a married couple, she regrets that she didn’t have any taken of her just by herself. Plus, her gorgeous gown was just sitting in her closet, tempting her to put it on again!

We started discussing her session and brainstormed where to take her photos. When I mentioned Woodbine Mansion, she was all for it. In fact, that was the venue they originally wanted to get married at but couldn’t feasibly make it work.

The day of our Woodbine Mansion bridal portraits was perfect! We had the most amazing weather, the venue to ourselves, and just a fun time utilizing Woodbine Mansion and all of its grandeur. And doesn’t Kirsten look absolutely gorgeous?!

Bridal portraits
The bride in her beautiful wedding dress
Kirsten, my beautiful bride
The bride peeking out the window
Kirsten sitting on the couch, looking gorgeous in her gown
Woodbine Mansion Bridal Portraits - Austin Wedding Photographer
Bridal portraits at Woodbine Mansion
In the greenhouse room of Woodbine Mansion
Woodbine Mansion Bridal | Austin Wedding Photographer
The bride
Kirsten dancing in her wedding gown
Such a stunning bride
Woodbine Mansion Bridal | Austin Wedding Photographer
Her a-line gown fit the bride perfectly
Woodbine Mansion Bridal | Austin Wedding Photographer
On the staircase at Woodbine Mansion
Woodbine Mansion Bridal | Austin Wedding Photographer
Kirsten, the Austin bride
Her green earrings added a beautiful pop of color
Every room at Woodbine Mansion is absolutely beautiful
The bride
Details of the bride's hair and the back of her gown
Woodbine Mansion Bridal | Austin Wedding Photographer
Posing in front of Woodbine Mansion
Love Kirsten's train and veil.
A closeup of the details of Kirsten's wedding dress and her wedding rings.
Woodbine Mansion Bridal | Austin Wedding Photographer
There is no bad spot at Woodbine Mansion to take photos
Woodbine Mansion in Roundrock, Texas is a historical venue.
The bride standing by the beautiful chandelier, mirror, and fireplace.
Woodbine Mansion Bridal | Austin Wedding Photographer
Fixing her hair before we take more photos.
Kirsten's Woodbine Mansion bridal portrait session was dreamy
Kirsten looks magnificent in her wedding dress
Woodbine Mansion Bridal | Austin Wedding Photographer
The bride

Interested in having your bridal portraits taken? Reach out and let’s talk about when, where, and how to prep!!